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Passion Without Apology

No apologies for being here – for showing up

– for bringing what you do to the table.

No need to ask if the world gets it, approves or agrees with you.

You are - who you are. You love - what you love.

It’s taken a long time to become who you are. Behind you is a trail of scattered empty shells…former containers of old beliefs, agendas and expectations that you used to wear, own or live in…none of which seem to fit you anymore because at some point you decided to choose a passionate life. Not necessarily an easy, predictable, comfortable one - but instead, a really juicy, poetic, romantic one that makes your heart go boom and your feet feel like they could fly.

That delicious, giggly totally alive feeling inside your body is your True North. It is your best compass, and the direction you must follow to find your way - like the sailors at sea. Your journey toward a passionate life may not look “right” to others or be a fit for anyone else but you, and that doesn’t matter…Love what you love; love what is true. You have a very smart body. Listen to it, trust it, embrace it…and most of all, never ever apologize for it.


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