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Let Us Be Done Apologizing...shine on you crazy diamond

LET US BE DONE APOLOGIZING For being different, for being a rainbow of colors, shapes, sizes and personalities, for not being some one else’s idea of perfect, beautiful or sexy, for taking a different path, for loving who and what we love, for our bodies, for our less than happy feelings 100% of the time, for all of the mistakes we’ve made (and new ones yet to come), for the personal journeys our soul needs to take us on during this lifetime, for our self-care making others uncomfortable or leaving them to take care of their own needs sometimes, for saying “thanks, but no.” because we needed to, for being flawed and broken in some places, for kicking ass in others, for our past, for our scars and stretch-marks, for frizzy hair and cellulite, for making ridiculous faces during orgasm, for sweating and loud noises during sex, and for loving sex…a lot, for wanting attention, for feeling needy sometimes, for our big, wild dreams that just won't go away, for having fears, for still needing to work through shit, for all of the fumbling we do on our way toward getting it right, for being confused for awhile, for losing our way sometimes and having to re-find it, for our healthy appetite and our relentless lust for savory things, for being angry when it’s appropriate, for not playing small, for our cycle of grief taking longer than expected, for being sensitive, for being strong, for being powerful, for having an opinion, for being happy, for being content, for going for it, and most of all, for insisting on loving ourselves every step along the way…just as we fucking are.


There is most definitely a place for apologies…if you make a mistake, hurt someone unintentionally, or break a heart, by all means, apologize sincerely. Be a good human. Be kind. Respect yourself and others. Try your damnedest to do your best and right by people. And when you fail, own up, try to make it right, do better next time. Those are life laws. But we must stop apologizing for being authentic, imperfect and for loving ourselves anyway…and definitely for the journey we are on not pleasing everyone. We must live our own lives and stop thinking we know how others should live theirs. This kindness we nurture toward ourselves make us kinder and compassionate outwardly. It connects us all, so humanly. We need that, and the World needs that.


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